• Projects for 2019

    January 6, 2019
  • The following is a list of projects planned for year 2019

    1. Stair treads to be added.
    2. Enclosures for dumpsters to be added (January & February)
    3. Paving and striping (March)
    4. Wood rot repair (Spring months)
    5. Tennis court repair
    6. Power washing of cement patios on bottom level of buildings
    7. Patio fences to be power washed and painted
    8. Entrance stairs to be repaired on all buildings needing it.
    9. Mailboxes to be cleaned (sanded and repainted)
    10. The annual meeting to be held in October

    Landscape projects 2019

    1. Trim all roses (January)
    2. Cut grasses around the pond (January and February)
    3. Check shrub rot and take out the damaged ones
    4. Pin Oak in rear of property to be trimmed (February)
    5. Trim Ccrape Myrtle tress in front and the one near tennis court (January)
    6. Clean bank in the rear of property.