Maintenance, Services, and Utilities

Community Management Corporation (CMC)
Layton Wilson 703-230-8587

Onsite Maintenance: Office phone: 703-352-2723 Cell phone: 571-492-2471
Michael Stratley (Maintenance Supervisor)
Hours: 7:00am to 3:00pm, Mon-Wed-Fri

Virginia Dominion Power (24-Hour) 1-888-667-3000
Verizon Phone 703-954-6222
Washington Gas Business Office 703-750-1000
Emergency & Leaks (24-Hours) 703-750-1400

Fixing window screens

Twins ACE Hardware (10310 B Main st. Fairfax VA 22030; phone 703 359-4703) 

Cable TV and Internet Connection

Broken Sprinkler Pipes:
Due to this year’s record breaking temperatures, the community has experienced broken sprinkler pipes that have directly impacted residents.
If you find yourself in this situation here are some steps to follow:
1. Call the maintenance office at 703-352-2723 (during business hours) or 703-631-7200 (after hour’s emergency line).
2. Contact your homeowners/renters insurance provider immediately!
3. If the fire alarm goes off in your building due to a sprinkler pipe bursting, notify the maintenance office, or the CMC Emergency line.
4. If you have a pipe that breaks inside your unit, turn off your water immediately on the main water shut off valve located in the utility closet.
As a reminder, please make sure your heaters are on in your utility closets to avoid any pipes freezing.
If you have any questions, please feel free to call the management office at (703) 230-8589.

Lost and Found
If you have lost an item on the property, there is a good chance that Mike has found it. He walks the property during each weekday and has accumulated many items. Please contact the maintenance office to describe and hopefully recover any lost items.

Road Runner Wrecker Service, Inc. 703-450-7555
24 Hour Dispatch:
(If your car has been towed off the property, please call Fairfax County Police non-emergency: 703-691-2131)
If someone is parked in your reserved spot you may call and have them towed. For all other parking issues please contact CMC property management.

Road Runner offers free jumpstarts, lockout assistance, and tire changes for residents on the property.

At Fairfield House you will be towed if:
– Parked in fire lane
– Parked in a handicap space without the proper tag or plate
– Parked in a reserved parking space that is not your own
– Your vehicle is commercial
– Your vehicle is not in operating condition.
– You do not have current license plates or current state stickers
– You have a covered vehicle parked in an nonreserved parking space
– Your vehicle is parked or stored in the same unreserved space for more than fourteen consecutive calendar days.

American Disposal
Pick-Up Days: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday
Recycle Pick-Up: Monday
Bulk Pick-Up: Thursday*
*This does not include appliances or electronics. If these types of items are left by the dumpster, FFH must pay an additional fee to have these items picked up. Previous fees have been around $100. Residents need to take unwanted appliances and electronics to the dump or arrange to pay the extra fee. Please place items for bulk pick-up out on Wednesday to limit the amount of time they sit by the dumpster.

For information about what can be recycled, please click the following link

Additional items can be recycled at the Fairfax County Recycling and Disposal Center on West Ox Road

Pest Control:
Eagle Pest 703-502-0690
FFH has a standing contract with Eagle Pest Control. If you have a problem in your unit and you would like them to come in and spray, please call CMC to schedule a time for them to come by.

Landscaping and Snow Removal:
Valley Crest Landscaping (formerly Pine Ridge) 703-803-4400.

Fairfax County Police, Fire, and Rescue:

Emergency 911
Non-Emergency 703-691-2131