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Do you need to get new heating and cooling units? Want to get a group of people together for a discounted rate? This page allows residents to post information about future work they would like to have done or recommend contractors that have done a good job. Suggestions for information to include in the post are type of work, time when work will be done, and contact information.



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Memo on AC replacement (May 2019) – this memo is based on one owner’s experience.   Find AC approval form at http://ffhcondos.com/condo-documents


  1. ckuczborski

    I am needing to replace my AC unit soon and I am looking for others to get a discount on the cost of the crane. Please contact Carol Kuczborski at 703-591-9025.

  2. mommabear

    Do you need to replace your furnace? I’ve lived here since 1993 and I have the original York furnace. The compressor is struggling and I’m working with a heating company to get a group discount for new furnace replacement. If you’re interested it replacing your furnace with a new energy efficient furnace, please contact Rhonda Cook by email mommabear42@cox.net or leave a message at 703-352-9034.

  3. nbristow

    April 2, 2012 7:00PM. Has any resident of Fairfield House lost an orange and white cat with no collar? Please call or email and I will be happy to tell you where s/he was last seen by me a short time ago. 703-383-0591 nbristow@cox.net ~Nancy Bristow

  4. jtran

    Anyone interested in replacing there HVAC systems this summer? I’m currently looking into some HVAC quotes and the more people who join the lower the cost of the equipment and we can split the cost of renting a crane. Please contact me at JohnT03@Gmail.com. John Tran

  5. slim

    Are we allowed to replace carpet with hardwood? There are so many advances in noise reduction in padding these days that, if done properly, it’s something to think about. Especially since it would help with quality of life for many and resale value.

  6. Fairfield House Condominium Post author

    The FFH Bylaws state that “Wall‐to‐wall carpeting and padding shall be maintained on all floor surfaces (except kitchens, mechanical room, foyers, and bathroom) in units located over other units to adequately reduce transmission of sound between units.” Wood floors have caused noise issues and owners have been required to replace them with carpet.

  7. ebadillo

    The coupon books sent out this year still have the old website printed. That web site has been taken down. It is not possible to make an online payment for the pipes assessment.

  8. mmcEachron

    HVAC Replacement 06/2013

    Finding an HVAC system with the size and weight requirements has been challenging. What are the brand/model numbers that other residents have purchased to replace their HVACs?

  9. cmiller

    I will be replacing my HVAC system ASAP as it stopped working this week. If you need to replace yours and are interested in splitting the cost of a crane, please let me know! – miller@usta.com
    Chris Miller

  10. dlee

    WINDOWS: I just replaced my windows. I got 4 bids and ended up going with Thermal Specialties. I negotiated it down to $400/window including the window and installation. This included mullions (grids) and half-screens (I found out later the condo requires FULL SCREENS, but they gave me a variance). Contact me at DL20461@gmail.com if you want more info on windows.

  11. dlee

    REAL ESTATE SERVICES: If anyone is considering selling their home or buying a home, I offer a substantial rebate to buyers and a discounted rate for listings. I am licensed with Samson Properties. At the least, I can offer you an analysis of your property with no charge and no obligation to use me. Contact me at realtordannylee@gmail.com for more info.

  12. dlee

    FYI TOILET ISSUES IN TOP FLOOR UNITS, BATHROOM IN LOFT: Ever since I moved into Fairfield House, the toilet in my loft had issues flushing. I also noticed the same issue when I went to open houses and other listings with a bathroom in the loft. I thought there was something wrong with the plumbing or something was clogged. However, I recently replaced my toilet with a higher quality TOTO, and it now flushes very well. I found an Angie’s List deal for $100 for the labor for the toilet replacement. Contact me at DL20461@gmail.com if you’d like more info.