Very important. The community will be painting the parking lot (lines and numbers) AND coating the asphalt surface. We will need to park our cars outside our community on these two important dates. For phase 1 residents (see PDF for definition), October 9th, and for phase 2 residents, October 10th. Please see the PDF document for details. You will get the same flyer on your door shortly.


  1. mommabear

    What time on the morning of Wed 09 Oct will residents of Phase 1 (Green) have to move their vehicles from the parking lot before the work commences? Will the reserved parking space rules be removed during Phase 2 (Orange) for anyone to park during the road closure and work of Phase 1 (Green)? Are signed going to be posted in the Fairfax Towne Center garage for FFH residents to park on Wed 09 Oct and Thurs 10 Oct or do we park anywhere in the parking garage with no worry of being towed? Will FFH post something on the website to display on our dashboards so we don’t have to worry about being towed? This is of great concern! Thank you for your prompt response to plan for all residents. Why weren’t residents informed at least two weeks prior to this project? Are there any plans for a rain date? Its common courtesy to provide more advanced notice for the impact this causes all residents. Thank you for your consideration!